17 februára, 2010

Fotografické citáty...

My photography is a reflection, which comes to life in action and leads to meditation. Spontaneity - the suspended moment - intervenes during action, in the viewfinder. - Abbas

salk 1

Quit trying to find beautiful objects to photograph. Find the ordinary objects so you can transform it by photographing it. - Morley Baer

salk 2

The best people make the best photographs. - Morley Baer


Sometimes the simplest picture are the hardest to get. - Neil Leifer


Photgraphy is a literature of light. - Moses Oliver

salk 5

I have discovered photography. Now I can kill myself. I have nothing else to learn. - Pablo Picasso

salka 6

A work of art is a corner of creation seen through a temperament. - Emile Zola

2 komentáre:

  1. Ahoj...
    velmi pekne spracovane fotky. Mohol by som sa ta spytat na filter, ktory si pri ich uprave pouzila?

  2. ahoj, nie je tu použitý žiadne filter.